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Matrix Quamtrax Whey is a protein from different sources. Within its category is known as mixed sourses protein, considering the aspect of release of amino acids into the bloodstream, provided by the combination of the following proteins:

  • Whey protein concentrate ultrafiltered milk
  • Isolated soy protein
  • micellar casein
  • calcium caseinate

This prolonged phenomenon of sustained dumping of amino acids can dramatically improve muscle recovery, and the pair prolong the anabolic state, thanks to a positive nitrogen balance look longer.

Whey Protein from Quamtrax Direct in Ultrafiltered whey protein concentrate of MOREmuscle

100% Whey Protein from Quamtrax Direct. The protein that improves your results!

100% Whey Protein from Quamtrax Direct is a whey protein concentrate, which is specially designed to obtain the best results in your stage of muscle growth and development, with high contents of proteins that will help you meet your daily protein needs, so you do not stagnate in your results and you can achieve your goals.

The formula that Quamtrax Direct has used in this product is truly incredible, as its ingredients have the perfect harmony to give you that extra help you so much need and that is so vital for your muscle mass to increase significantly and progress every day in the gym. This is thanks to the joint action of BCAA, which are very important to carry out the protein synthesis, a process in which they act in the body to prevent muscle breakdown, while repairing and building muscles.

Carbohydrates, fats and proteins obtained from the diet are not enough for your body to develop your muscles to an important degree. With a basic diet and without the extra supplementation that this protein provides, it will be very difficult to progress with your muscle development, since if you practice an intense physical activity, either aerobic or weightlifting, your body will always consume a large part of the nutrients that you receive from meals due to the great demand of energy that you have during training. That is why, it is very important to take 100% Whey Protein from Quamtrax Direct, as this product is specially formulated with carbohydrates, fats, and above all, with a high concentration of proteins that will be a complement to your diet that will give you that extra boost you need to optimize your physical performance and the effects on your body to gain and tone up your muscle mass.

Facts of 100% Whey Protein from Quamtrax Direct:

  • Concentrated whey protein by micro-filtration.
  • Perfectly soluble, so you will not have a shake full of lumps.
  • Contains approximately 74% protein per 100 grams of product.
  • Easy to prepare, just add water and go.
  • Three delicious flavors, to vary between them and do not get bored of taking it.
  • Contains BCAA.
  • Improves your muscle tone and development.