Insane labz L carnitine (90 caps)

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  • Supports Metabolism.
  • Promotes Recovery
  • Promotes Energy and Mental Clarity

Developing lean muscle mass is on the top of the list for every gym-goer.  L-Carnitine is an INSANE fat burner, if paired with vitamin C.  L-Carnitine carries fatty acids from food to the mitochondria.  Those acids are then converted into energy.  This process is essential for building your metabolism and allowing your body to burn fat during workouts. This non-stimulant amino acid can be added to your favorite Insane Labz pre-workout or in the mornings with breakfast.  L-Carnitine can be taken at any time in the day! 

  • The recommended dose of L-Carnitine is 2-4g daily, split into two or three evenly doses. Example: 1.5g with breakfast and 1.5g with your favorite pre-workout. 

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