Kevin Levrone Glutamine 300 g

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Kevin Levrone Glutamine is a premium dietary supplement designed to support muscle recovery, immune function, and overall athletic performance. Glutamine is a crucial amino acid that plays a vital role in various bodily functions, especially during periods of intense exercise or stress.

Product Features:

  1. Muscle Recovery and Repair: Kevin Levrone Glutamine provides a potent dose of high-quality L-Glutamine, a vital amino acid essential for muscle tissue repair and recovery. It helps reduce muscle soreness, aiding in faster recuperation after intense workouts.

  2. Supports Muscle Growth: Glutamine is a critical component in protein synthesis, the process through which muscles grow and repair themselves. By supplementing with glutamine, you support the body's ability to build and maintain lean muscle mass.

  3. Boosts Immune Function: Glutamine is known to support the immune system, helping the body fight off infections and illnesses. Athletes often experience a weakened immune system due to intense training; Kevin Levrone Glutamine can aid in maintaining immune health during these periods.

  4. Reduces Muscle Breakdown: Glutamine is an effective anti-catabolic agent, helping to prevent muscle breakdown and muscle wasting. This is especially important during times of calorie restriction or intense training when the body may use muscle as an energy source.

  5. Enhances Gut Health: Glutamine is essential for maintaining a healthy gut lining and supporting gastrointestinal health. It helps in reducing gut permeability and can be beneficial for individuals with digestive issues.

  6. Fast Absorption and Bioavailability: Kevin Levrone Glutamine is formulated for rapid absorption and optimal bioavailability, ensuring that your body can quickly utilize this important amino acid for maximum benefits.

  7. Easy-to-Use Powder Form: This supplement comes in an easy-to-mix powder form, allowing for convenient and customizable dosing. Mix it with your favorite beverage or protein shake for a simple and effective way to incorporate glutamine into your daily routine.

Directions for Use:

Mix one scoop (approximately 5 grams) of Kevin Levrone Glutamine with water or your preferred beverage. Consume one to two servings daily, ideally after workouts and before bed, to support muscle recovery and immune function.

Take your fitness and recovery to the next level with Kevin Levrone Glutamine, a high-quality supplement designed to enhance muscle repair, support immune health, and optimize your athletic performance.

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