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Protein is one of the three essential macronutrients and plays an integral part in  muscle building. Physically active people, especially athletes, should be careful to get the right amount of protein. That is why Kevin Levrone has formulated Gold Whey which is an excellent protein powder to include in your  daily diet.

Kevin Levrone Signature Series Gold Whey is created using premium whey which is a very well-liked source of complete protein in the diets of both amateur and professional athletes. The excellent solubility and mouthwatering taste make every gold whey smoothie enjoyable!

This Gold Whey protein powder is available in a variety of flavors including a bunny, chocolate, cookie cream, and snickers, all at reasonable prices in Pakistan.


    Gold whey protein powder builds lean muscle and accelerates muscle recovery by providing the following principal nutrients;

    25g of Whey Protein Concentrate

    A very useful and advantageous way to increase the amount of protein in your diet is to use whey protein concentrate. It is a high-quality protein source that the body can utilize and absorb easily. Athletes, bodybuilders, and physically active people need whey protein concentrate to improve their muscular strength.

    5.5g of BCAA

    Each serving of Kevin Levrone Gold Whey provides 5.5g of branched-chain amino acids. It is an excellent source to increase protein synthesis, muscle recovery and repair after post-workout.

    4.6g of L-glutamine

    Consuming L-glutamine daily from gold whey protein powder improves athletic performance and recovery from endurance exercise by promoting muscle growth.  That is why L-glutamine is often used in sports and body building to help with muscle repair and growth. It improves the protein synthesis rate within cells, which is the process by which your cells use protein to build structures such as muscle tissues. 


    • An excellent source of whey protein which provides 25g of protein per serving
    • Gold whey protein powder promotes the growth and maintenance of muscle mass
    • This gold line protein powder contains a rich amino acid profile benefiting each serving with essential endogenous and essential amino acids (EAA)
    • The Kevin Levrone gold whey's solubility makes it an excellent addition to fruit shakes
    • Exogenous BCAA and EAA play a prime role in protein synthesis and muscle mass preservation
    • Available in delightful flavors without extra calories and low sugar content

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