RC King Mass XL Limited Edition

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  • 50G PROTEIN IN FULL SERVING: Flooding your muscles with the protein and carbs in KING MASS XXL mass gainer powder will crank your insulin leading to more GLYCOGEN storage and recovery preparing you for your next brutal workout.
  • VANILLA ICE CREAM TASTE: The vanilla ice cream flavor makes this mass gainer taste like a delicious milkshake! Indulge without the added sugar. Flavor Fit For a KING. Add to milk or water to make a protein shake or add to a smoothie to boost flavor.
  • 285G CARBOHYDRATES: Each full serving has 285g carbs and 1,000+ calories. Each bulk bag of the mass weight gainer has 108 loaded scoops to last you a long time. Ronnie Coleman Mass Gainer for men and women also includes Creatine & Glutamine in each serving.
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